Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Melbourne Grammar Letter proposing Experischool

Subject: UOCA
The Head and the school council,

The Archbishop of Melbourne, The Most Reverend Dr Philip Freier BAppSc (QIT) DipEd (Qld) BD (Melb) MEdSt (Newcastle) PhD (James Cook)
Mr Ian M Vaughan BMechEng (Hons) (Melb)
Mr David A H Temple BEc (Monash) FAIM
Mr C G (Sandy) Clark BComm (Melb) DipAgEcon (Reading)
Mr N (Ross) Adler BComm (Melb) MBA (Columbia)
Mr Peter M Beaumont LLB Dip TRP (Melb)
Associate Professor Peter D Danne MD MBBS (Melb) FRACS FACS
Dr Barbara A Fary OAM BA BEd (Melb) MEd (Monash) PhD (Nabraska USA)
Dr Vince W J FitzGerald BEc (Hons) (Queensland) PhD (Harvard)
Mr Stuart F Gooley BComm (Melb) FICAA FASCPA
Ms Louise M Jenkins BA LLB (Melb)
Mr A R (Sandy) Massina
Mrs Lelde R McCoy BComm (Melb) BA (RMIT) MSc (Syracuse USA)
Mr J (Bruce) Parncutt BSc (Melb) MBA (Monash)
Dear Sirs and Madams,

There comes a time when debts must be paid. And as an old boy of the school who did my teaching rounds there I have a debt. And for every debt there is also a kind of obligation on the debtor to accept the bequest.

1. The School

And I have something to offer.

What I am offering is far from that sycophantic article I wrote and sent the Head in 2006 about the school and its legacy of Prime Ministers which Mr Sheahan perhaps wisely ignored - more I am sure for spelling his name Sheehan - though the grains of truth remain in that (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cindy_Sheehan) and the essay. Because I have a hope that the characters' Grammar has produced including its Prime Ministers have been basically socially progressive human beings and this is the basic core of what the school should produce in students - though in my opinion has largely failed (along with our entire education system), however I do believe that the core decency is there within the school, within Jesus Christ and within even the Anglican Church - in fact is part of being a human being. However a close look at for instance our PMs reveals that failure despite much goodness in these people - Bruce lost his own seat for introducing draconian capitalistic IR laws worse than Howards. Fraser probably plotted to undemocratically overthrow an elected government without consultation with the Queen herself by using a drunk Labor Governor-General manipulating unwritten reserve powers - (see my article on Republic http://ozrepub.blogspot.com/ which we need) something that many have compared to Chile and probably also involved the CIA; then later on lost his pants in a hotel in Admiral Benbow Inn, a seedy Hotel in Memphis pupportedly set up by the Afrikaans using a prostitute. Worse still he ended up a raving socialist anti-American who quit the Liberals. But he did tremendous work for the third world including in South Africa and as such I nominate him for the next school house of Fraser. Affable Alf Deakin ended up mad as a hatter. Congratulations Melbourne Grammar. Now you've got me!

My journey has been long and not without many hardships. Much joy but much suffering. Especially recently. Much I could say self inflicted. But from this long journey, in part stemming from Melbourne Grammar, to take a proverbial Hindu quote, 'a lotus blossom maybe blooming from the mud'. [My autobiography is currently being written and the first volume with extensive reference to Melbourne Grammar is viewable in draft at
Efil Ym http://efilym1.blogspot.com which should be published soon.]

Perhaps I am making my run too soon, as you will see I am far from prepared with a solid structure to present to you - it is all in developmental stage and a lot in my mind, but Mr Rudd may have felt the same and he won in 2007 and look what happened to Mr Howard. Now five PMs later we have a Mr Turnbull, a bit of a wet from Sydney Grammar at the helm of the ship of state. I went to Grammar from 1976-81, and you would say I was a B+ science student, a top set struggler, I have taught at Grammar recently - 2004 - as a mature student teacher, forty years old doing my diploma of education. There have been some good changes (throwing chalk at the students has stopped, there is the new Harkness method, combined year classes, laptops) and much has not changed at all (energetic students in messy blue suits and tie chained to desks all day, stressed academic cramming, bullying, smartass remarks to Sir - see my article in Experischool - link below). I certainly noticed some discipline problems and I am afraid I probably was not that popular with the boys as a teacher and I was not as a student - but then I was not following what I believed or given the free reign to teach according to the system I wish to develop; in a word I was behaving as a hypocrite teaching using a redundant methodology imposing my will rather than theirs. I also was unimpressed with some of the staff - one of whom had herself removed as my supervising teacher simply because I politely questioned her criticisms of me - the legal studies woman and Deakin House master. Mr Sheahan, the Headmaster, seemed out of touch with reality and living in a Boys Own Annual fantasy judging by his newsletters and reports in the Grammar magazine. I am questioning why you are not targeting Melbourne Grammar old boys as teachers - there are very few at the school and a good one, the Head of Business in 2004, a short fat fellow studying theology, little Matthew O'Meara who supervised me I have heard has left, become a Rev and done some time in the clink for naughtiness (he introduced the Harkness method). I understand he did not have much favour towards the Head. You are neglecting a vital pool of talent for the staff of the school; and teachers who have an intimate knowledge of the school from being students there. And even if you decide that I am some mad eccentric, then realise that a lot of Melbourne Grammar old boys who are now teachers are not as idealistic as myself and should be teaching there - and sometimes the eccentrics that are a product of Grammar are the best teachers. Is that Barry Barton on the staff still, he terrorised me as a student and I think it is about time he retired? His pompous ineffectual organisation of student teachers was close to insulting - he even questioned whether I had been at the school for more than a year as a student and prevented me from going on the school camp as a teacher - didn't think I was healthy enough despite myself climbing up to over 5000 m peaks in the Himalayas and the next year in 2005 myself alone doing about 10 solo treks in New Zealand, some up to 8 days requiring satellite emergency beacons they were so dangerous - the Dusky Track being one; to be fair I was almost killed crossing a flooded river so perhaps he was right - remember in 1978 poor Elliot in Bruce House. I suppose I should forgive him; we all have a pompous streak and perhaps in New Zealand I was trying to prove a point to myself. He has probably passed on by now.

It is time the council accepted phasing in a merger with Merton Hall if it is not already doing so. This should be done carefully and gradually, mixing more classes initially so that the boys from Year 7-12 learn to work with women which they will have to do at University and in the work force. The full transition should take about 20 years - but it should be stated by the school now that this as its intention - after consultation with Merton Hall (that will be difficult, but I think the best course, if they are shown the facts and figures and the time framework - it would make more sense and they are the sister school). I know there is tendency to regard mixing the sexes as detrimental to academic achievement and also to regard females still as intellectually inferior, within the school hierarchy. However a twenty year transition carefully planned should allow for all potential faults to be dealt with and overcome. It would also give sufficient time to ensure the best method of co-education is created - on a world class level - that improves academic performance and social skills of both sexes of students. This should adequately conform the school to sexual equality occurring in society and hopefully make it a world leader.

The gift I offer is this - I believe the whole education system needs massive alterations which also stems from the new religion UOCA will create (see below). A prototype school needs to be developed to assist in the creation of this vision. I suggest that you read the link to the article on stress as it discusses Melbourne Grammar and should give you a good understanding of why this school and new system is necessary. The site is at
Experischool .

I can only suggest Melbourne Grammar assists in developing this new school, perhaps as a separate school connected to Melbourne Grammar and then if successful the school adopts the suggested changes or at least incorporates the methods to begin a transition to the new system. It will be revolutionary, it will be controversial, but I believe it will succeed. And bring about a far more efficient, intelligent and loving student ideally suited for the new religion and the new millennia - the new green and godforbid populist 'metrosexual' citizen.

A cosmopolitan internationalist whose desire is to strive for equality and justice in this world. A leader who is leaderless, who understands that the greatest leader is the least servant of them all. Who is the person who protects the poor and the weak - as the great master Jesus Christ led by example.

So in effect I offer myself as an adviser to Melbourne Grammar to change its curriculum and its style of education - to be part of the green peaceful revolution that will soon encompass this planet.

I offer myself as a school teacher (See CV http://jwhtm.blogspot.com/) and I offer a new religion.


As Melbourne Grammar represents the elite in Victoria, on the whole many of the rich, and the rulers of our capitalist system, and as I went there and was subjected to that form of tuition, and as my great, great grandfather wrote Victoria's constitution and was its longest serving chief justice and first attorney general, (maybe history means nothing to you, Mr Sheahan seemed to believe so as he stated it is not where you come from but what you do in his profile of the school) and as my ancestor, Sir William Stawell, was heavily involved with the Anglican Church, and great friend of Bishop Perry who created Melbourne Grammar, and as he was on the school council, which had its 150th birthday not so long ago, it is perhaps fitting that I should bequeath this gift upon yourselves - for the greater benefit of humanity - you can look at it as a kind of Holy Grail - that may appear as a poisoned chalice but I assure you in the name of the Knight Templars of which your Freemasonry evolved, it is not. Indeed it would not surprise me if fate was working its hand in this. What more fitting than the great, great grandson of the architect of Victoria's laws to dismantle the inequities within not just Victoria, but the entire planet. Laws that this arch conservative put in place.

A conservative government is already back in power in Australia, due in part to this process of change where the Australian people decided they needed capitalistic materialism at the expense of any sort of fair redistribution to the poor in our society, had had enough of not stripping away basic rights of workers. Australia may have been wealthier than ever, but the reality is that the lower middle class have never been under such financial burden as they are now and the poor have actually had their real standard of living drop. It is a mistake to think that the relative affluence of Australians denies the possibility of the lower classes usurping capitalism in frustration even by a possibly violent revolution if they gain effective leadership and a coherent system is developed to replace capitalism. This current wealth is a facade. Underneath the population is struggling to pay the bills from all their empty consumerist indulgence and is yearning for something of more substance, more of brotherhood, more equality and of love, in fact a new religion that is believable because it is the truth and Christianity does not pass the scientific tests in its current form. This current wealth is nothing short of empty materialistic greed that has left a wealthy middle class and a destitute poor under the Howard reforms. Possibly a revolutionary underclass already exists of the likes of that youngman recently who had a party of 500 youths who ended up making porn videos and smashing up police vehicles - not necessarily even poor, let us just say spiritually neglected and potentially dangerous. Who can blame them given the example their parents follow and the society has led them. To non-stop violent entertainment on television, films, books, computers, to pornography unrestricted virtually everywhere, to drug abuse across the board where alcohol is still actively encouraged, to a result where over-indulgence has led to 25% of the population being classified as obese, to a collapse of the system of marriage where 50% divorce, to a society that rewards people according to how much money they can make regardless of ethics, rather than on how good or kind a person is. To a point that at least 25% of the population are considered in some way mentally ill. The indicators are all there that something is very wrong in paradise.
I know it seems hard to conceive it under the propaganda generated by that government and the so called free press that is run and owned by the capitalist elite. However an underclass has developed in Australia of very unhappy people. In fact I became one of them. Caught in poverty and welfare benefits - for years. And I had all the accolades of good education, law degree, worked in the top firms in the world but by just 27 was burnt out. Why? I spent the next years trying to find some sort of meaning on this planet for my life and investigated almost every religion spending 2 years in India searching for spiritual truth and love. In part Melbourne Grammar's crueler side and my parents had finished off my belief not just in Christ but God itself. I'm afraid perhaps Father Letts or Mr Maconville throwing chalk hard into my face for dozing during RE or geography was not conducive to believing in unconditional love. The homosexual bullying by the students, the unrelenting academic pressure, the fact my own parents bitterly divorced - all factors in reaching a point where I concluded there was no loving God. I looked at our school chapel steeped in ritual where boys were forced to pray following a lifeless set formula instituted centuries ago, where even the priest admitted most of the bible was either allegorical or metaphorical and the science taught at the school simply wrote it all off anyway as did most of the staff. Do you seriously believe Jesus would approve of having soldier's plaques in his temple? When he stood for everything against war and against killing and against any sort of violence, even to the point of offering his life up as the ultimate example of pacifism, of unconditional love to live by rather than fight? Why do you think the early Christians never had a war against Rome but consistently preached peace and allowed themselves to be martyred rather than fight - whereas the Jews did fight at least twice very unsuccessfully? My God, you in Melbourne Grammar, have strayed so far from your own Lord with your adoration of war even in Christ's temple, even training young boys in a cadet force to kill. God forgive you! Jesus won't unless you repent and end that blasphemy. So you might understand why my belief in Christ was put to death at Melbourne Grammar. But this was rekindled in England as a result of a connection to a devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda.

However rekindled it was at a price. My hedonistic stint at KPMG London ended and I gradually fell from the grace of capitalism. That underclass that I became part of due to my rejection of capitalism and of the corrupted spirituality present under Christianity led me on a long journey to many countries. And many places in Australia. I travelled overland from Europe to Asia, through Iran, I took a tiny bit of hashish for myself across the Pakistan India border as I had started smoking a bit of hash in London. I saw the worst of the world's poor in India - beggars deformed and dying on the street (I even worked at Mother Teresa's nursing them), and our poor - the drug addicts, the delinquent youth, the alcoholics, the disenfranchised poor, the aboriginals, the single mothers, the mentally unwell, who I also had been classified as, the unemployed, the sick, the outcasts of our economic so called miracle. The one's that could not afford to pay the food bill, the rent, the petrol, the one's that struggled to survive in the midst of such affluence. The one's that now represent the 'petrol thieves', the violent crime statistics that have increased 27% in the inner suburbs. The drug abusers, and I was one of them for a short time; though of course now am very anti-drugs and have been for years, including anti-alcohol. The homeless, and I was one of them and still am. The one's rejected by friends and family and I was one of them and still am. I am currently trying to set up an ashram for homeless mentally ill and drug addicted youth to live and learn UOCA's yoga system. A by product of capitalist failure who I found neglected  on the street or in derelict hostels - young men of good spirit who simply did not know how to cope in such a greed ridden world.

Mr Sheahan said it is not where you come from but what you make of yourself. This statement coming from a school that is obsessed in class distinctions and historical association with established power seems a touch hypocritical. No doubt he would argue that I represent a failure that proves his point. Coming from the establishment families, yet in his opinion I would have made nothing of myself and deserve to be in the position I am in. If I believed him I would probably commit suicide and it has often crossed my mind. Judging by conventional standards I am a failure. However if one looks deeper you will see the saint like pain I have endured and the high moral mission that I have undertaken for humanity. He would brand this no doubt as megalomaniacal madness. But a deeper look would confirm that almost all of what I say is true, and much as slavery was accepted up till the 19th century so is our current corrupt system of capitalism with its inequities. However what I am proposing is far more fundamental than abolishing slavery, it is altering our entire economic, religious, health and education system by introducing vegetarianism, yoga and meditation as fundamentals. Eradicating economic inequality and bringing about a new religion that embraces science and all faiths - a complete holistic system.

Perhaps a kind of parable is necessary to get the point across of how unfair capitalism is, to the few of you who have probably never done a real labouring job, never been truly destitute and dependent on a meagre wage. I went to work fruit picking to make some money recently. It is by commission per 500 kg bin picked, 6c per kilo. 9 hours hard work for $75 and 1.25 tons picked. It exploits the poorest in our community. The immigrants on work visas, the foreign students and poor young backpackers from overseas. Most Australians refuse to work in it, even the poor and uneducated locals. Backbreaking work, perilously climbing trees on unstable ladders carrying up to 20 kilos of pears. I would like to see most of Melbourne 's elite leaders doing a days work in those orchards. I wonder how long they would last with their obesity problems, their illnesses of overindulgence. I myself only lasted a day and a half and I am relatively fit. Yet to pay the equivalent of $8 an hour is just gross exploitation and undermines a minimum wage. These bins are worth to the consumer $1000-2000 and the picker receives just $27-32. He does most of the work in harvesting them yet receives only 1-3% of their value. Yet Howard's work reforms have allowed this sort of injustice; where poor unskilled labourers are grossly exploited; not in a third world country but in country Victoria - in wealthy Australia. Adding just 10c to the cost of a kilo of pears would give these workers a good fair wage, yet we all know where any addition to the price would go. Gillard and Labor did rectify some of this rip off of workers but it still goes on and if anything the Liberals are going to make it worse for them.
We know this because Melbourne Grammar represents the people who often become the corporation heads who take that extra profit and like a common thief pocket it for themselves so they can pay for their next Mercedes or million dollar house. And I know this all too well because I grew up in that environment of selfishness and greed, of inbred superiority justifying nothing less than criminal petty theft from powerless poor people. My grandmother came from one of the wealthiest families in SA, the Hawkers. And the pathetic thing about these individuals is many of them claim that they are hard done by and poor themselves, because it so hard to meet the mortgage payments on the Toorak mansion. Is it any wonder the Bolshevik's shot most of them?

I expect scepticism, but I have no real choice, for the time has come to create a new system (in fact it should have happened long ago and my patience is at an end). A much fairer system than this planet currently has. I believe I have been given the powers of divine inspiration in foreseeing this. It will be in bringing together the great civilisations of East and West. I have done much work in this already. Hence the creation of UOCA. The unifying of Christianity with Buddho-Hinduism will be achieved through this organisation. Capitalism will be replaced with a more efficient new form of Communism. The super rich as a class will be phased out as will the poor. It will be a much more equitable system. UOCA will use the greatest minds in the world to formulate this new communist economics that will be much fairer than capitalism, be richer for all in spirit and in materialism for all but the very wealthy.

I hope that now there is a chance for huge shift in consciousness in Australia. One that we get right. A Republican model that is put to the people that is not an insult to their intelligence such as the last one was. A complete rewriting of the Constitution incorporating a treaty with Indigenous people respecting them and giving them tangible rights. A President with real powers elected by the people. A stratifying of the States to conform their laws. IR reform that increases workers rights and protections while boosting wealth and employment. A total end to refugee detention centres. Fixed four year terms. A Constitution that shares power so that the extremes of party politics and the disasters they produce are mitigated. By this I mean % of Ministerial seats awarded according to the % of vote won for each party -following a modified form of the Swiss Confederacy political system of representation following the Grand Coalition appointing a Federal Council using a magic formula who are in effect the ministers. An Australian system would be more transparent as there are restrictions on disclosure by the council and the formula would be entrenched in the constitution rather than just an agreement. In effect joint rule. The best of both sides incorporated into government. No more would there be the extremes faced on changing government with the damage that causes in dare I say our schizophrenic system. Liberals are best with the economy but Labor is best with social reform and industrial relations. Why not work together to make the best for Australia. This new system will force us to cooperate with each other and avoid the extreme neglect that happened to the poor in Australia during Howard's rule. I witnessed it. It may also have avoided the criminal treatment of refugees, going into a messy unjust war, stripping back Aboriginal rights and so on. It may have resulted in getting the right IR laws in place, so on. It would also mean that on losing an election it does not mean that all the Ministries are lost as well, instead only a small number would change hands on each election. The Holy Cows in the party would most likely retain some form of power in government despite losing the PM. This is the best way to change the system - the most democratic way to reform the current system. And the best system to put in place in the new Republic and once explained to the people properly should be embraced by both sides. Also accepting that we are a large nation and a continent that can easily support 50 million people, so should increase immigration and remove the ridiculous restrictions on particularly people coming from the mother country, Britain - in fact encouraging them to come here. And welcoming all regardless of race, creed or religion.

Ultimately the capitalist system has to end. The discrepancies in wealth between rich and poor that have created our system of Liberal and Labor has to be phased out. I believe we need to get together a thinktank to come up with that new system. In other words the safety net for the poor has to be vastly increased. Zero unemployment by guaranteeing work under the Constitution - jobs provided by the Nation if necessary. And a transitional capitalistic system needs to be introduced that brings corporations increasingly under employee ownership. A system that limits wealth or capital to a maximum of 10 million dollars and salaries to half million dollars. A system that redistributes the rest to create equality. A system that is created that does not reduce incentive as a result of doing this. A system that increases incentive. A truly egalitarian system. A liberally labor system. A system that breaks down division and hatred in Australia. A system that will be the prototype for the rest of the planet to follow. A system that is a small business system. A system that encourages innovation, creativity, the arts, technology, and freedom for all. A system of universal love. UOCA's system.

See website for UOCAs history. UOCA is absolutely dedicated to non-violence - see UOCA Politics http://uocap.blogspot.com/.

So if the elite now supports UOCA, they will have to surrender most of their wealth, but it will generate an abundance of wealth for all; a much greater abundance for all. Furthermore it will protect them from any retaliation by reactionary revolutionary forces of the old style communism. Furthermore UOCA is not atheistic, but spiritual with a belief in divine power.

This will also encompass ending the meat/slaughter industry - phasing out the cruelest most barbaric practises from humanities behaviour. Ending all wars and bringing the population to a vegetarian diet. The fact India is regaining power should assist in this - as their high castes have seen the truth in vegetarianism and they developed the yoga system. They have been in transition out of that barbarity for a few thousand years already. However we know how aggression crushes peaceful people, hence India has been reduced to poverty due to aggressive foreign domination for almost a thousand years. We know this because Melbourne Grammar represents the elite that have supported that aggressive dominating colonisation of the world that Christian Europe in the name of trade and wealth instituted. Advances in technology and travel have brought yoga to the West and it should not be long before China and India dominate the world as they reach our standard of living and by simple numbers will have the economic power - within a hundred years. When this occurs a paradigm shift in thinking will occur in the planet which will make UOCA much more acceptable and it will be easily embraced by these nations. I suggest you be prepared for this and assist in its creation and educate yourselves as to their culture and why this religious merger is so important and must succeed.

Melbourne Grammar can take the helm in the creation of this new system or it can be swept behind in the decadent relics of an unjust, unfair past that grossly exploited the bulk of the population. I hope it has the foresight to look to the future and see the truth. Not just the truth but the fairest way for all people on the planet. As it represents the elite's intelligentsia in part and the established Christian religion within Australia, a religion that is in a process of self-destruction and reformation, then the school should have the intelligence to investigate the concept UOCA is creating. Judge it and determine its merits or not. If UOCA fails perhaps capitalism will continue indefinitely gradually evolving itself too more equity for all, the other possibility is that if the inequities become too great, a resurgent aggressive communism returns or some fundamentalist extreme religious movement takes over. Personally, if one takes a careful look at the headlong development of technology as fast as possible, based on profit rather than ethics, I believe that capitalism is taking us subliminally on a path to evolve silicon artificial intelligence in the form of robots (Asimov) which will replace us whether we agree or not, if UOCA is not instituted to redirect this unconscious evolution (within a thousand years).

The democratic institution we have is not impervious to collapse, Hitler came very close to ending it not very long ago and more recently Soviet communism (opposing the USA) came close to ending humanity full stop - and these ideologies probably only failed because they were imbued with violence, that led to an eradication or abuse of the elite and terrorisation of their population which in the end impoverished them and destroyed their ideals. Fundamentalist Islam is now having a pretty unpleasant attempt. If they succeed it would be a great shame as the lessons of the past would suggest that the leaders of these people's movements are not very forgiving and have the most brutal way of extracting revenge for perceived injustices - this is generally always inflicted on not just the elite themselves, but all their minions and collaborators.

And why not when you take a good look at them. The Murdoch's, Packer's, etc of this world who have gained so much money from exploiting others are the greatest of these criminals and in their case because their crime relates to billions of dollars of wealth taken from often the poor it is not petty theft but extortion. For instance Murdoch's wealth alone could bring at least 50 thousand Australian people out of poverty if redistributed (end homelessness in Australia) - instead it is spent on his next 100 million dollar yacht and planes, mansions and parties in the Riviera, invested in spurious movies, television and newspapers which encourage consumerism and hedonism with virtually no ethics. Recent survey determined that Australia's rich are one of the least generous donators to charity - three times less than the US. These people, who give a few small handouts to charities from their massive fortunes to salve their consciences, need to be brought to justice. They will lose most of their fortunes under the new system. Although they probably deserve to go to a labour camp for their crimes, UOCA will not impose this, and will even allow them to possess a small modicum of their current wealth if they show benevolence and use their skills in assisting the smooth running of the new system to equally distribute wealth to all. This is entirely consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ - equality and love.

3. The Consequences of Failure

I was in contact with comrades of a Marxist Trotskyist Socialist Alternative group that I believe to be actually a reactionary counter-revolutionary movement that has a long term goal to overthrow the state by violent means if necessary and institute a communist government, though currently lacking firm leadership, hence disorganised, peaceful and at this stage non-violent, their situation may rapidly change given intelligent directives. I am doing my best to persuade them that UOCA and non-violence is the best way forward. I was in contact with a militant Islamic group, JKLF based in Kashmir and seeking independence from India. As a journalist I interviewed them prior to September 11. I also did my best to persuade their General Secretary in the UK to adopt peaceful means in dealing with India - see article on Kashmir.
http://kashmuj.blogspot.com/.. So I know there are forces out there and have met with them who are seeking greater justice and equality within Australian and world society who would be willing to use violence to achieve this; in fact expect to do so.

Personally I fear another terrorist attack from Islamic extremists is imminent, ten times more devastating than September 11. It is within the power of everyone including and most importantly coming from the corrupted source of their hatred, the Western capitalist elite, to do everything possible to avert this impending devastation. Do you think it was just coincidence S11, the socialist group protesting in Melbourne about gross inequities in wealth in the world was named with the exact same date as the WTC attacks a year later? And it was the elite who were specifically targeted - YOURSELVES!

It is imperative the capitalist elite begins to show positive moves towards bringing social equity on this planet. This is why it is imperative that you take action to support UOCA. If the intelligentsia have the foresight to develop the economic system to transition out of the disgusting inequities of wealth on the planet due to capitalism, and the violent communistic and other forces, including Al Qaeda can be persuaded that a new religion is being formed to institute a new communism and new religion embracing all of the religions based on equality and social justice, a new world order, then perhaps this disaster can be averted and your consciences can be cleansed of being part of the crime that perpetuated such a system. I have been to Islamic countries, I was recently in India and met many Muslims who regarded Osama Bin Laden as a hero - they regard yourselves as evil (I largely agree with them) - and there are hundreds of millions of them - they know the planet's wealth is not being distributed fairly and that power is not shared equally. As President Bush has discovered two wrongs don't make a right - attempting to eradicate these insurgent groups by violence spawns countless more martyrs. The best and most intelligent means to bring about victory is by peace and changing the corrupt elements in our system, because it is a fact that these groups have formed as a result of the failure to reform our system and are 'a clear and present warning' to make all concerted effort to avoid further harm by changing these inequities.

Knowing that you will do everything possible to avoid communication and continue the corruption which benefits yourselves; particularly the richest on the board, I am going to further emphasise by logic the consequences of negligent inaction or procrastination. A further terrorist attack a thousand times greater than 9/11 will most likely occur within 20-40 years. At the current rate of development of technology it will be within decades that 'a dirty nuclear device' will be able to be constructed by a rogue terrorist group. It is literally inevitable that they will get the technology, it is simply a matter of time, and the best way to stop this event is by changing their will to destroy the corruption they validly perceive in the Western world by ending that corruption. You can be part of that crime that most probably will cost the lives of millions in some Western city or you can be part of the solution that not only averts this but addresses all the evil of capitalism that these groups represent as an opposition. You may justify inaction on the basis that this will not happen in Australia, however even if it only happens in the USA, the ramifications will be felt everywhere. Not just in disruption of the economy, but it will most likely result in the United States responding with aggression and instituting totalitarian legislation far more oppressive than any to date, which we have already seen has caused torture to be sanctioned. It would most likely result in America becoming virtually a totalitarian police state and effectively drastically restrict freedom of speech, democratic representation and many basic human rights and rights to privacy. This would likely flow onto Australia. The temptation to corruptly abuse these powers, as we have seen with Bush in Iraq, could spell an end for democracy as we know it. An end to freedom. Indirectly the result may accelerate the creation of UOCA and its world government. However this is not guaranteed and the chaos created by such a disaster is not UOCA's wish, but instead a gradual phasing in of change in a peaceful, loving, organised and clear manner.

UOCA in my considered opinion is the only way forward to not just end this war of terror, but to end the terror within our own society - the terror of poverty, of homelessness, of domestic violence, of mental illness, of an education system in tatters that cannot discipline its students and force feeds them masses of information without building a human being. And to also end the disgusting wealth of the exploiters of labour everywhere. In this respect as there is always two sides to everything and a perspective of good to all acts, the September 11 attacks on the United States can also equally be perceived as a blessing and a wake up call to massive institutional change to all aspects of our civilisation.

You have now been adequately warned. It is in your hands now to respond. UOCA will bring in the most peaceful way this planet back to the Utopia it should have been. Fritjof Capra referred to this as the Turning Point in our civilisation, we are at a crucial midpoint in his paradigm which even he did not predict. I know it will be painful for many of you relinquishing power and wealth often held for generations, not to mention the status of superiority you have rested upon, but the gradual phasing out process UOCA advocates should cushion the worst of the pain. And on the plus side being more equal with your compatriot citizens might reduce stress and give you a knew found sense of identity and personal fulfilment in helping others and more importantly sharing with them. And of course if you do nothing you will only have yourselves to blame for the consequences. So you better pray that UOCA succeeds in creating the Utopia - one other possibility would be far worse for yourselves and it is in your interests that UOCA remain non-violent and receives your support to start the transition in a way that best benefits yourselves as well as everyone. But I can almost guarantee that you will sit on the fence and do nothing in the hope that I am wrong and that things just continue happily as they are. September 11 proved the flaw in that reasoning, however I very much doubt that you have fully understood the ramifications of that action and your guilty part in it (by perpetuating this system of capitalism), hence the intensity required in this correspondence to get you to act. I predict you will not respond, however my conscience must be absolutely clear before I leave you that I did everything humanly and intellectually possible to warn you, such that in possession of such knowledge as you now are, that you must take the full responsibility for your decision or lack of decision and its consequences. I am sorry to sound so threatening and bad tempered (you have no idea what I have been subjected to in spiritual terms and bare in mind I am just a human being as imperfect as yourselves), and I have every expectation that almost all of you will attempt to label me as insane, but I am sorry to tell you that this is a truth beyond my sanity or lack of it, so attempting to destroy my personality will not stop the events that divine intervention requires me to transmit to you. And as I have been through the partial brutality of Melbourne Grammar's education, you should understand the truth I represent and why this communication has to be so frank. And the true Freemasons within the school council should understand the prophetic implications and why the Eastern and Western systems have to merge - yoga with our scientific method. I believe God wishes these changes and in effect it is the will of Jesus Christ.

And just in case one of you decides to take this to the Federal Police on the basis that it contains information in breach of our anti-terrorist legislation or other draconian laws enacted in response to September 11 or not, then consider this, one I am a lawyer and secondly I will bring the largest civil liberties action in Australian history and use it to publicise UOCA, the failure of our capitalist system, Melbourne Grammar's involvement and the beginning of the end of free speech. Furthermore I will use it to propel the end of this corrupt system and the terrorism Australia was heading towards under the Howard government and its arguably criminal involvement with the United States in Iraq. Quite frankly I would welcome such action and have sent a copy to two Federal Ministers of this correspondence anyway, so saving you the trouble. Because according to those laws the entire Australian government should prosecute themselves for supporting a terrorist organisation, being the Australian armed forces, and for advocating and using violence against innocent civilians in Iraq in the guise of supporting a sham democracy in order for the Western capitalist elite to take control (a truer statement would be 'to steal') of another country's oil fields representing a significant % of world energy. Fortunately the Labor Party of Australia basically recognises this and never supported that war, as did Germany and France, democratic Western countries less subject to US manipulation, so I don't think you would have much luck persuading them to charge me in Victoria particularly as at least superficially, being connected to the Union movement, they are not that fond of the capitalist elite, and may well agree with much of what I say. Federally Turnbull of the Liberals isn't exactly a warmonger.. You might have succeeded if Abbott had remained though.
Just consider this scenario: the world is dominated by the Islamic brethren, a capitalist elite that sanctions pornography, alcohol abuse, violent entertainment, and dominates the world through its multi-national corporations that are driving the planet to ecological disaster. They fail to even adequately look after their own poor despite their enormous wealth, let alone the vast mass of the world population that are in poverty. Instead they exploit them for cheap labour and prop up crony governments in those countries. They lend them money then bankrupt them in demanding interest on the loans. They support a nation that has pushed Christians out of their own holy land when they had kindly invited those people in and treats the few that remain now as second class. Finally some poor Christians have had enough. These Robin Hoods living in a remote      Christian fundamentalist mountain region not taken over by the Islamic brethren, decide they have no choice but to martyr themselves to show the people of the world that Christ and God cannot tolerate this exploitation any longer. On a secret mission, they plan, and attack the Islamic brethren, the corrupt Capitalistic elite in their own country, in their highest buildings containing the pinnacle of the World's Islamic Corporations. They are pursued by the Islamic Secret Police. The misguided Christian martyrs hijack and fly planes into the buildings and into the military HQ of the Islamic elite. The Islamic elite invade the Christian country, set up torture centres to extract information, then by propaganda and lies justify invading another weak Christian country that is rich in resources in short supply in the world. But these Christians regardless of the corruption of this Islamic elite would be misguided because Jesus never advocated violence and told us to love and forgive our enemy. Nevertheless would it not be surprising if they did not have a few supporters in the Christian communities.

You have access to my CV. I have been as truthful as I possibly can and erred on revealing the worst about myself. I know many of you will attempt to write me off as mentally deranged because of this vision, my experimentation with alternative life and psychedelic drugs - though the latter ended over 11 years ago. But understand my disobedience in using these substances against the law, has no doubt caused me great suffering and I am paying that price, but I believe it has also given me the insight and courage to reveal this truth to you, to see beyond the status quo. Not less because I had the courage to take the risk to explore all avenues of consciousness. You should also be aware that this is fairly standard practise amongst the youth nowadays, so is not that unusual even with Grammar students. You should also be aware I have been on a very pure diet since then - no drugs, no alcohol, no meat, largely vegan and even caffeine free and sometimes only rawfoods - further I have purified my body and mind through yoga asanas and meditation. So in many respects I am incorruptible, hence my clear rejection of any dishonesty and a determination to find the truth - which has led me to see beyond capitalism and much of the cruelty in society and to develop a new spirituality based on science - see Superbrane   .http://superbrane.blogspot.com/ I reiterate my life is all available to read in my autobiography http://efilym1.blogspot.com/ as are extensive references to Grammar and it should be published soon. What more can I add other than brothers do not be afraid and accept me as the fallen lamb that I am. Ora et Labora. And accept my services as chief adviser and educational research director possibly to be trained up as the Headmaster of Grammar and help me start UOCA.

UOCA is currently trying to start an ashram and one member has offered their place in Northern Queensland. Other potential members are considering joining them there. Assistance in starting an ashram in Melbourne would be greatly appreciated. A large mansion is required.

If you would like to be part of UOCA's ashram http://yogash.blogspot.com/ please also email me. The long term goal is to create Project Eden. http://projeden.blogspot.com/

Like a saint, I am homeless and unemployed, sometimes hungry, always in poverty, staying in doss houses, virtually wondering the streets meeting the beggars and the criminals of society. Hoping that there is a purpose to my suffering and my belief in human equality and love and a means to change our system. It is a very hard test to bare, perhaps a few of you need to join me there to get another perspective of the world. No doubt I will remain there until I have fully learnt respect, subservience, humility and love as our teacher, Jesus did, from the suffering of others and himself. No doubt many of you will wish that I remain there. St Francis of Assis touched me as a child, in my heart, I hope you understand.

Hope to hear from you soon - at least to talk. And in case you have decided not to inform the Board of this correspondence, if I do not hear from you in a week, then each of them will be individually posted a copy. It would probably be in your interests to avoid that.

---------------------------- Because in the end it is only uncompromising truth that succeeds. All else fails. --------------

Please read about UOCA and email me if you can assist. To read my works (past volumes of FWPN, diaries, film, novel, short stories, cv, business plan click here).


James Travers

LLB. BA. (Monash) Dip. FTW&P (Aus. Coll. Journ.) Grad. Dip. Ed. (Aus. Cath. Univ.) Cert. IV Small Bus. Manag.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Armageddon is now!

UOCA is leaving time capsule communications to representatives of UOCA who are beings 500 or more years in the future when the second foundation of UOCA occurs and another approximately 1500 years at the time of the Third Foundation. They need to develop an FTL drive system to leave the planet. It is not impossible that Earth could go into an escalating runaway greenhouse effect and there may be nothing we can do to stop it bar creating UOCA. Life on this planet may suffer a mass extinction through methane gas generation from oxygen depleted warm oceans that have become highly acidic and will kill off aquatic plant and animal life and even UOCA cannot stop this – the time has passed to reverse this probably in the 1990s and the last chance was Copenhagen. It has happened several times before on the planet with resulting mass extinctions. Global warming combined with a catastrophic volcanic super eruption and a meteor collision could trigger such an event.

If this occurs the mass extinction of not just humanity but most of life may end even UOCA’s mission which predicts the methane event in a minimum of 100 years from now and most likely one to two thousand years.

The worst case scenario may be already happening in the Gulf of Mexico thanks to BPs deep oil drilling. It was finally capped after massive contamination and a destroyed rig. The methane event may not have erupted there on December 21 2012 as the Mayan’s predicted, but the danger is not over - the cap put in place may still burst. Other deep sea rigs are still out there like a time bomb. See http://www.helium.com/items/1882339-doomsday-how-bp-gulf-disaster-may-have-triggered-a-world-killing-event . If you read about this it describes pretty much the Biblical Armageddon in Revelations.

Dr Ryskin, Russian émigré to the US of A and chemical scientist at an American University thinks that deep sea clathrites can trigger mass extinction event, once the ocean warms to a sufficient extent. Global warming combined with other natural catastrophes may spell the end.

The New Testament may well have predicted correctly the end for most of humanity and much of the rest of life on this planet. The only place to survive this event may be Australia! Most likely high in the mountains where methane will not accumulate so easily!

Have a great day and join WNA!

For more info on UOCA psychic channellings prophesising the future see www.wna.org/av.html

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Drug Reform of Death Penalty in Asia and the world

Dear President of Singapore, Indonesia, China and all nations which have the death penalty,
Re: death penalty for drugs
I implore you to reconsider clemency for drug dealers. The young Australian-Vietnamese man executed in 2006 was a great tragedy as he was such a small pawn and a misguided one in this whole misplaced attempt to guide our citizens to good health in what they consume. In 2015 the Bali 9 were executed barbarically in Indonesia despite reforming themselves and one becoming a priest. Executions are a crude and ineffective way to solve the drug problem. Drugs are an illness in society. Those caught up in this illness even as a result of their own greed are a product of the societies failure.
These people who profit on an illness and a weakness in society need to be reformed and UOCA offers a method to bring about an end to addiction for all of society, and not just of illegal drugs but all harmful substances consumed.
Executing has simply diminished Singapore, Indonesia and China's human rights record and damaged there international reputation as modern democracies and communist states.
Offering clemency and going even further and ending capital punishment will only enhance their reputation in the world.
Drug trafficking is a product of the criminalisation of drugs, thus making the sale profits extremely high due to reduced supply. Legalising these drugs would end this trade almost entirely along with the organised crime and associated drug related crime. Government control of the drug trade is the most effective way of dealing with the abuse of drugs and ensuring people use these drugs in the least harmful way combined with education.
To execute someone because the society misunderstood how to deal with these substances and control them properly would be judged by history as a criminal and barbarous act by the society.
Urgent world wide reform of drug laws, education and controls is needed. Singapore could use this case to begin the greatest transformation of societies view of law enforcement, reform and punishment and substance abuse. Education, youth delinquency, moral behaviour and social attitudes would be addressed such that the corruption of the youth who have lost faith in our economic miracle and are now regularly simply ignoring our laws and using these substances regardless. This exemplifies that our laws are out of touch with this generation.
In depth research needs to be done on the effects of these drugs that are supposedly so harmful to determine what exactly there effects are. They are so prevalent that unless this research is carried out openly then the unregulated use of these drugs and the harmful consequences as a result will be the fault not of the users or our children who are exploited but ultimately be our own fault for not implementing such controls. From what I understand most harm from drugs results from contamination of the product or overdose. These are largely a result of an inferior product being sold or a lack of education of the user on the method of using the substance. Proper education of the population needs to be given on the effects of drug use. Beneficial properties of these drugs for medical purposes needs to be further investigated.

Exit with Dignity - Islamic UN peacekeepers; End War on Terror - talk to Al Qaeda, ISIS, Taliban now!

Labor was right to leave Iraq, but not as a pull out leading to civil war, but in a controlled manner that allows Iraq and Afghanistan to peacefully transition to self rule and democracy. This didn't happen and as a result Syria collapsed taking Iraq with it. And Afghanistan looks well on the way to the same story. War is really about self respect, self determination and human rights. It will only be won when these UN policies become implemented. The means to achieve this is by replacing coalition soldiers with soldiers from Islamic countries in the region under the UN. This is a long overdue start to this process. They understand the region better than us. Self determination means trusting them to look after themselves. Democracy should not be forced on people. Democracy means including people in the same region and culture in Iraq’s future. They are not there. Bush and Howard wanted democracy on their terms in Iraq. You need to go beyond this. There is no equality between Islamic countries and us in determining Iraq’s and Afghanis future. This is not democracy. Islamic people are rightly sceptical of double standards. This is a major factor as to why they are attacking our countries and fighting a civil war in Iraq and Afghanistan and now Syria producing ISIS. The War in Iraq was based upon lies about WMDs. The reconstruction was based upon lies about democracy – contracts going to pro-Bush companies, etc. There are plenty of worse dictators than Saddam in the world yet no invasion by America to support democracy, because they do not have billions of reserves in oil. Who are the evil enemy? Them or us? Or in truth is there no evil enemy, just a confused mess due to the incompetence, hypocrisy and greed of ours and their leaders. If we want to end this war we must implement UN policy on self determination. This means for a start not just moving our armies out, BUT replacing them with Islamic countries peacekeepers as soon as possible - such as Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Saudi and Pakistan - who are relatively stable.

This deal needs to be done in combination with a peace treaty with Islamic fundamentalists including Al Qaeda to end the war of terror. Those who say no treaties should be made with terrorists are ignoring very recent deals made with Libya, the IRA, the PLO, the Tamil Tigers and countless other terrorist organizations including the United States of America Revolutionary Army in 1776. They are also forgetting the Israelis used terrorist tactics against the British in 1947. That terrorism was used by the Allies against the Nazis in WWII in occupied Europe, including suicide missions. We are succumbing to our own propaganda rather than looking objectively at the facts as to what exactly terror is, who uses it and why. They are ignoring that these Islamic terrorists may have legitimate grievances that need to be addressed, just as these other terrorist organizations have been so recognised. Negotiations have to be entered, not just to protect ourselves and our population from potentially far more grievous attacks, but more fundamentally important, to redress the inequalities in the world that are the root cause driving this religious war.

Islamic states have to regionally look after themselves. Using their peacekeepers under the UN. They need to be brought into Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan. The UN needs a new constitution to allow this to happen and for nations that have got out of control to be invaded for the protection of their people. A truth peace and reconciliation commission needs to be set up in the Middle East to end all conflict and resolve grievances. Al Qaeda, Taliban and ISIS need to be brought under control, its grievances addressed and its use of violence terminated. Not just through force but by dialogue with them in an intelligent manner that recognises their humanity.